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We are a small team of IT specialists dedicated to help people with their web hosting and website needs, and to provide a guidance in building their online infrastructure and presence. We strive to enhance the selection of choices from a wider range of quality online services vital for any internet endeavor. If you miss anything on our site just please let us know, we are always open to your feedback or suggestions.
In nowadays technology world the web hosting service is a very important piece of a digital business mosaic. Our Web Hosting Sun news site contains many various posts, articles, tutorials, reviews and guides that we believe will help our visitors in their decisions.
It is imperative to mention that our site would not be here if not for work and efforts of our dedicated programmers, designers, authors, editors, web hosting experts and marketers. We consider the network of our contributors to be equally important to the recognition and success of our mission.


Andy K. WHS Co-founder

Andy Kovach

Andy is the co-founder, investor and the leading force of the Web Hosting Sun portal. He works behind the scenes overseeing all the major operations and assignments.
Andy’s technical background in Mechanical Engineering, computing experience and his interest in web applications have led him into the world of building digital assets and internet brands.


Nicky LM WHS Content Strategist and Editor

Nicky LaMarco

Nicky is the content strategist, editor and writer for Web Hosting Sun, where she oversees a team of writers to help create helpful, informative, and timely content.
She’s been freelance writing since 2001 and brings extensive knowledge and skills in a variety of fields and media. Besides her content-writer-management role Nicky is an essential part of our social media and email marketing activities.


Kyle T. WHS Marketing & Front-end Development

Kyle Tummonds

Kyle is the Marketing  and Web Design Specialist. He is a “jack of all trades”, as his experience extends from marketing, seo to web development and UX / UI design. He writes blog articles, reviews along with implementing various Social Media Marketing tasks. Kyle’s knowledge, experience and versatility is what makes him a valuable WHS team member.


WHS Team Office

WHS Team & Contributors

And of course, our thanks go also to our authors, contributors, partners and our internal WHS team and office members:)

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