Best Email Newsletter Templates

Your email marketing newsletter needs a template that effectively communicates your brand. Templates are perfect because you can use them for every newsletter you send, and they will always have the same colors and layout and design, making your newsletter stand out from the others and be easily recognizable.

With a newsletter template you can add your logo, colors, content, and links. Keep the layout the same every time you send out your newsletter so your subscribers know what to expect from you. The only exceptions are when you are sending out a special email for marketing purposes when you want to let your subscribers know about an epic sale you’re having or have a news flash you just can’t wait to share. Other than that, stick to your template.

How to Choose the Best Template for Your Email Newsletter

Choosing your template depends on what you want to include in it and how you want it to look. If you’re just sending a link to your newest blog on your website you’ll need a fairly simple template. You’ll also need to include your company information, logo, product or service updates, social media links, and maybe a message from the CEO. It’s all up to you what to include and not include, but you’ll need a list of what you want to have in your newsletter so you can keep that in mind when choosing a template.


Choose a template that includes a color scheme that matches your brand. Some templates allow you to change the color scheme yourself. Just check the description to make sure that you can change the color scheme before you download.

Choose a template with some whitespace. It makes it easier on the eyes for your readers.

Try a unique layout. Don’t be afriad to stand out from other newsletters! Almost all of them have a left to right, top to bottom layout, but sometimes something a little different is refreshing.

Use a custom header for your newsletter. You can create one yourself or hire a freelance graphic designer to make one for you. A custom header helps brand your newsletter as your own.

Use icons before each header. It’s a great way to draw attention to the header and organize the layout. Add some fun with hand drawn icons.

Use color filters on all of your images to help them blend into the design.

Create clear, easy to spot calls to action (CTAs) for each header whether you want your reader to click to read more of a blog or click to shop.

Use alternating colors for your headers to break up the content in your newsletter.

Use handwritten fonts in specific places to draw attention to something specific in your newsletters. It attracts the reader’s eye because it’s so different from the traditional fonts.

Don’t worry about length. Keep it short or have a long newsletter. It all depends on your brand and what it’s all about. Have one CTA or 10. Different sizes are welcome.

Try using a GIF in your email newsletter to express something, show examples, or just create something nice for the reader.

Don’t be afraid to use some bold and bright colors if it fits with your brand.

Use a photo as the background to your newsletter instead of a solid color or design.

Add a section where your readers can sound off such as a “see what our readers are saying” section where you show some social media shout outs.

Number the sections of your email newsletter. Everyone loves a good list format.

Add charts, screenshots, and infographics for a pleasing visual. Just keep it simple.

Make your header clickable. Use it to advertise something new in your business. Don’t just add the link somewhere in the newsletter. Make the image clickable for ease of use.

Where to Get Newsletter Templates

It’s time to start searching for your email newsletter template! Get one that is responsive (which just means that it will automatically adjust to mobile if someone is reading your newsletter on their mobile). Here are some good places to shop for one (free or paid):

Theme Forest

Theme Forest has nearly 3,000 email templates to choose from and the prices start at $3 per template. Use the search filters on the left side of the screen to find exactly what you’re looking for.


EmailToolTester has 700 free email newsletter templates, and they are all responsive. You’ll have to scroll through to find one that’s right for your brand.


Econsultancy has a list of 12 websites where you can grab some email newsletter templates. Some of them are connected to the email marketing company’s email service, so keep an eye out for that.

Check your email marketing provider for some templates. These are the top email marketing companies you can use for your campaigns.


ConvertKit is an incredible email marketing provider. You can create your own email newsletter with ease.


GetResponse is another awesome email marketing provider. It features a drag and drop email newsletter creator and also has some templates for you to choose from.


Aweber has more than 45 free email templates and a course to help you get started with your email marketing campaigns.

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