What is an Email Autoresponder?

An autoresponder is a must-have email marketing tool. Simple as that.

Going by its lexical meaning the function of an autoresponder is to “automatically respond”. No revelation to learn that. It replies with a pre-written email (the welcome email) to recipients who have already consented to receive it. We call those recipients “subscribers“. The welcome autoresponder email will usually include a free piece of information – an ebook or report – that the subscriber is willing to exchange their email address for. We will go into more detail about how to write a welcome email in a future post in this series.

Email Autoresponder Campaign

Your email autoresponder can send out one email or a sequence of emails at specified dates and times (the latter is preferred for the most sales). For example, you set the welcome email to send immediately or within one day, and then the rest certain days after the first one. A good email marketing campaign usually has 5 – 7 autoresponders set up going from the welcome email to 20 – 30 days after that. The best part about an email autoresponder campaign is that you set it all up one time and it will work for you 24-7.

All experienced internet marketers know that one of the keys to a sustainable business growth and income is a groomed list of loyal email subscribers. You can call them devoted followers if you wish.

Avoid Spamming

Many of you will probably think, “Oh how tough can that be? I already have some email addresses why not to start sending my offers?”

Careful now. You see, this would be considered spamming. I could write tons of content on how spam was created, used, abused, frowned-upon, and hated. But don’t take my word for it. Try it yourself and see what happens. I can tell you right away that your emails are going be marked as “spam” in no time along with your spamming IP address (and domain/email address).

email autoresponder

Top 3 Autoresponder Providers

There’s a reason why it is important to have a quality and reliable autoresponder.

This is quite a competitive market with many players trying to attract your attention. However, there are a few that have proven over time to be one of the best and most trusted autoresponder providers in the industry.

Before I go on writing more about them, please feel free to check them out:

  1. ConvertKit
  2. GetResponse
  3. Aweber

All of them are well-known among internet marketers and webmasters. Repeatedly tested, reviewed and trusted by thousands of professionals all over the world.

As with any tool, you will have a better understanding of it once you start using it.

This is the first post in the email marketing series. Check out the other three, if you haven’t already:

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