How to Create a Powerful Autoresponder Series

Autoresponders are the most effective marketing tool. You need these emails to get the most out of your list, which can help your business see more sales. With autoresponders, you can convert more of your subscribers into customers, and it’s all on autopilot for you. Create the autoresponders one time, and your email host will send them out for you to every single new subscriber.

Autoresponders are emails you write ahead of time and schedule to send to subscribers.

Autoresponder Welcome Message

Start with a welcome message for your autoresponders. When someone visits your website and subscribes to your list they will automatically receive a welcome message from you. Include your free offer for subscribers in your welcome email so they get it right away. Your free offer is something you promote in order to get more subscribers.

You can also provide a welcome series instead of just the one welcome message. For example, a business consultant can include a mini-series on “How to Grow Your Business in 4 Weeks”. It could include four emails in total with the first one sent out immediately, the second one sent in seven days, the third one sent in 14 days, and the final one sent in 21 days.

What can you offer your subscribers in your welcome message?

Product Launch Series

Gain momentum on your product launch with content marketing. An autoresponder series will help your product see more sales. A product launch email series is an excellent way to gain exposure and drum up interest for your new product. Create a series that will get people excited about what you’re doing.

Begin your product launch email series as soon as possible. The sooner, the better. This will help you gain interest in your product early on, which will help you make more sales once it’s ready.

Product Launch Email Series Example Outline

Email 1: Introduce your product.

Email 2: Offer the details of your product. Use some copy from your sales page.

Email 3: Show the proof using case studies and customer testimonials. Social proof always helps.

Email 4: Tell your story. Why did you create this product? This can help people connect with you and your story.

Email 5: Help anyone hesitating to buy your product. There are always people who hesitate. Here you can offer bonuses or payment plans.

Email 6: This is the last email (you can send a few) for those last-minute shoppers. Let them know your sale is closing and this is the last chance they have to buy.

Create Sales with Autoresponders

UpSell Autoresponder Email

You’ll include an upsell with the autoresponder you send to customers who just placed an order. Include upsells in your order confirmation email. Links and images should be related to the item they purchased, something they can use with it. An upsell autoresponder can increase your sales with ease.

For example, if someone orders a book from your website you can have an autoresponder sent to upsell your products. Would they like a new bookmark, bookcase, slipcover, or book light?

Upsell your products for more sales.

Autoresponders for Special Occasions

Celebrate special occasions with your subscribers. Send them birthday cards, holiday greetings, and subscriber anniversary cards.

To send a birthday card you’ll need to ask them when their birthdays are when they sign up.

You can include a call to actions in these emails with coupon codes.

Outline Your Email Autoresponder Series

There are so many opportunities to increase your sales with autoresponders. You need to create an outline for your series. How long do you want it to be? Exactly how many emails are you going to send in your series? What will the topic be for each email? Start with an outline of your email series and go from there.

You’ll also need to know how far apart you’ll space out these emails when sending them to your subscribers. Plan this out so you’re not stuck guessing the spacing at the end.

Audit and Improve Your Emails

What’s better than using the best content marketing tool in the world? Well, fine-tuning your specific approach.

Audit your list on a regular basis depending on how many emails you send. If you send an email weekly you won’t need to check your list as often as someone who sends a daily email.

Keep track of your emails and watch which ones convert and which ones don’t. Figure out the reason why some are converting and others aren’t.

How many emails are getting opened? How many subscribers are clicking on the links you’re providing? How many are unsubscribing? Understanding all of these rates will help you create a better email autoresponder series.

This information is invaluable for your business. Once you figure this out you can eliminate what isn’t working and put all of your energy into the emails that are bringing in more subscribers and more sales.

Autoresponders are vital to your business. It’s more than just a set of emails you send out. These emails help you connect with your target audience, and, if done well, help you increase your sales.

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