76 Irresistible Lead Magnets for Your Email List

Lead magnets are crucial to building your email list, and your list is where most your revenue comes from. Grow your list, and you will grow your income and sales.

What is a Lead Magnet?

A lead magnet is the most efficient way for you to gain more subscribers to your list. With a lead magnet, you’ll know that these are email subscribers who are interested in your business – what you are selling – because the topic of your lead magnet is in line with your business.

So, what is a lead magnet? A lead magnet is a marketing tool. It could be just about anything, but it is an incentive to your website visitors. You will give them something they want in exchange for their email address. All they have to do is type in their email to subscribe to your list. You have probably entered your own email address and subscribed to someone else’s list in order to get something they were offering. It works.

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Lead magnets are usually some form of information delivered as a downloadable, digital file. Your welcome email to your new subscribers should include the free digital download you promised.

76 Effective Lead Magnets for Your Email List with Examples

Use a lead magnet that will effectively attract target subscribers to sign up for your email list. Like one of these. Here they come (no order of preference)…



Checklists are great for getting people to subscribe. For example, a cleaning company can offer a cleaning checklist with daily, weekly, seasonal, and yearly tasks.


Cheat Sheet

Cheat sheets are becoming increasingly popular. People love cheat sheets because they can help them learn how to do something with ease. They are usually in a step-by-step format or just a set of guidelines to follow.



Templates make everything simpler, no matter what you’re doing. A press release template can show you how to format a press release for distribution. A Facebook ad template (like the one shown above), can help you write an effective ad.


Swipe File

A swipe file is a collection of templates, normally sales letters and advertisements that have proven to be successful. Everyone with an online business should maintain a swipe file of their proven work, especially copywriters. Swipe files work well as lead magnets because you can go from beginner to expert in the time it takes to download it.



Scripts are perfect for people who are looking for some help with public speaking. It could be a script on how to prepare for a job interview or a script on how to make a video. The example shown above is a script on how to close more sales.



Toolkits usually include resources, best practices, and awesome tools to help in some way. The one shown above includes a time management toolkit.



Who doesn’t want a free app? Offer a free app if you sell apps. How about a grocery list app for a food delivery service? The image above shows a free mobile app on how to build apps!


Resource List

A resource list can be a starter kit, a glossary, templates, a list of resources. The example above shows a lead magnet for writers that includes a list of over a hundred websites that pay writers.



Everyone wants to be organized and do well with time management, and this is why the calendar lead magnet is so successful. The calendar above is for social media management, a good tool for anyone wanting to not only plan their social media posts but also create posts that will get likes and shares.



This planner shows you how to quickly plan your lead magnet. A lead magnet on lead magnets! Other planners could be wedding planners, general daily/weekly/monthly/yearly planner, blog planner, or a book planner.



Workbooks are books (printable or electronic) that are fillable. The workbook includes questions and headlines to help create something. In the example, you’d be able to create an SEO strategy for your Etsy store by using the workbook offered.



The example shows 5 free, printable meal plans. Other ideal printables are activity logs, calendars, planners, table placeholders, a checklist for home or apartment hunting…anything someone would want to print rather than keep digital.



When we think of prompts, we usually think of writing prompts, like the example of journal writing prompts. Other prompt lead magnets are blog idea prompts, positive thinking prompts, or anything to help prompt or inspire something.



Calculator lead magnets are irresistible. Facebook ad investment calculator, estimated tax calculator, home buying calculator, savings calculator…there are so many possibilities.



A generator lead magnet is much like a calculator in that you input some data and it generates an answer (or answers) for you. Hubspot’s generator helps you create blog topics by inputting a couple of keywords. Other generators include keyword generators, recipe generators, and even a lead magnet generator.



Spreadsheet lead magnets could be anything you can make in a spreadsheet, which is why the free budget spreadsheet is a good example. Others include financial models, project timelines, inventory, project management, or any type of budget.



Offer free recipes in exchange for an email address. These could be recipe collections, cookbooks, a specific recipe, or new recipes as they are published (as in the example above).


Locked Content

You have likely seen these before. You’re reading an article you found and this comes up. You have to enter your email address to read the rest of the article or to read more than one article on a particular website. A lot of newspaper websites use this method.



A tutorial simply shows you how to do something. They are similar to cheat sheets in that they are usually formatted step-by-step. The example is a tutorial on “creating a stellar design”.



Free eBooks make fantastic lead magnets. Maybe you just published a book in print format and you want to promote it with a free eBook version, or you create an eBook specifically as a lead magnet for your list. Of course, Tony Robbins has a stellar eBook lead magnet.



A guide is similar to a tutorial or a cheat sheet, but the guide is usually in a PDF book format. The guide helps your subscribers learn something they are interested in.



A report shows how something can be done. The example promises to show subscribers how to become good social media marketers with a 52-page report that includes more than 80 charts and a study of more than 3,700 marketers. There is a lot of value in free reports.



Infographics are huge right now, and they’re not going away anytime soon. Infographics include graphics and content, hence the name. It is almost always shown as a chart or a timeline. They’re helpful and easy on the eyes.



Videos are awesome lead magnets. Free videos are everywhere, but if you can create one (or more) that people would pay to see, you can build your list with them. The example offers seven videos on how to make $30,000 in seven days by trading stocks.



Audio downloads make great lead magnets. The example offers free audio training. Free audios can also include lectures, interviews, audio books, or podcasts.



A webinar is simply a seminar that takes place online. It usually includes video and audio.


Event Tickets

Free event tickets are sure to pull in some subscribers for your list. Give away tickets for an online or in-person event.


Email Course

Email courses, or e-courses, make good lead magnets, especially for email course creators and instructors. You create one free e-course and sell others.



Samples work well. The example shows a swipe file filled with lead magnet samples. Another way to use samples is to offer a sample chapter of your newly published book.


Free Coaching Session

Offer a free coaching session to get those email addresses. Life coaches, business coaches, writing coaches, and others have done well offering a free 30-minute session.


Mind Map

Mind maps are fun and perfect for creative people and help with goals and planning. In the example, the lead magnet offer calls it a blueprint, but it is a mind map. It shows how creating a mind map that can help others can make a cool lead magnet.


Audio Book

Turn your print book into an audio book or create a new audiobook to offer. These are popular for listening to during commuting, while cooking dinner, while cleaning the house, or while doing just about anything. That’s what makes audiobooks versatile – you can multitask.



Slideshares (or Powerpoint Presentations), make great lead magnets. SlideShare is a free website where you can upload videos or slideshow presentations, create slideshow presentations, and share them.



A roundup lead magnet can be a roundup of your best blogs or a roundup of facts.



Newsletters were one of the first ways to get emails. Newsletters, also known as e-zines or e-newsletters, are sent on a regular basis (weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc.). These include news, links to blogs, quotes, images, and more, depending on the website it’s for.


Library of Lead Magnets (Vault)

A vault is exactly what it sounds like – a library of lots of resources. A vault can include one type of resource (in the example it’s the last 10 years of magazine issues), or it can include a variety (videos, audio, printables, PDF files, and more).



Quizzes are super popular with social media. What kind of Superhero are you? Which Supernatural character are you? What color represents your personality? Everyone knows they are silly, but they’re also really fun, so they work. Professional quizzes work, too, such as the example where you can take a quiz to find out what your relationship with money says about you.



Surveys are excellent lead magnets because they help you gain subscribers and gather information on your readers, at least that can be the best way to use a survey.



A manifesto is usually in a book format that includes your declarations, opinions, statements, etc. on life and work. It’s a piece of work where you can share your vision.


Comic Strip

Comic strips are fun to read and fun to share. Use it as a lead magnet so your subscribers can enjoy more art sent directly to their inboxes.



Free quotes on insurance, services, software – anything for a price quote – works well to grab email addresses.


Desktop Wallpaper

Offer a downloadable desktop wallpaper for free in exchange for a subscription. It’s the first thing you see when you turn on your computer. It should be something you want to see.



Challenges are fun lead magnets. Just challenge your subscribers to do something to better themselves. The example challenges you to become healthier with their 30-day smoothie challenge.


Membership Site

Allow access to your membership-only website with a subscription. Amazon offers their Prime membership for free to students with a .edu email address.


Facebook Group

Create a closed Facebook group and ask anyone who wants to join for their email address.


Free Trial

Free trials are everywhere because they work. Offer a free trial so your subscriber can see if they like whatever you’re offering enough to pay for it.



Offer a coupon for your products or services.


Free Shipping

No one likes paying for shipping! Offer free shipping for your lead magnet.



Free catalogs are great lead magnets because you get an interested addition to your email list and they receive a catalog of the goods you’re selling. You may even get a sale off of this one.



Blueprints are an exact

layout of something. In this example, it’s about how to make six figures blogging.


Case Study

Case studies show how a business did something successfully, information on a specific case.



Offer a free marketing, search engine optimization, google ranking, or self-confidence assessment as a lead magnet and you can follow-up with a sales offer for your services.



Offer a free mini-course like this 5-day course.


Software Download

Free software works well to grab subscribers. Just ensure you keep them interested after the download with a stellar newsletter.


Online Tool

SEMrush offers a free online tool where you can test your site that tests your website’s SEO. This offer works for them because they capture emails for their list from people who are genuinely interested in SEO, and therefore, the services SEMrush offers.


Free Book + Shipping

“DotComSecrets” goes old school with a free book shipped right to anyone who subscribes. All they have to pay is the shipping costs.


Video Content Transcript

Video content transcripts are becoming increasingly popular. Not everyone wants to watch a video, and some just like to have a copy of a video transcript to keep.


Audio Version of Blogs

Options are powerful. This blogger offers audio versions of his blogs as a lead magnet.


Marketing Survey Findings

Findings from a marketing survey are sought after by businesspeople and marketers. You can offer the raw findings or organize them in a report.



Predictions for this year, next year, or the next decade help marketers plan their strategies.


Expert Tips

Neil Patel is a highly popular and successful online marketer, and Quicksprout wisely uses a quote from him for their expert marketing tips lead magnet.


Ask Me Anything Session

Ask me anything sessions, also know as AMAs, are super popular on Reddit where celebrities go on the AMA thread and answer posters’ questions for about 30 minutes. The AMA also works well as a lead magnet. You can have an AMA session on a conference call or live Facebook feed. Just plan ahead and get those emails.


Event Recordings

Unbounce shares their event recordings with their subscribers.


Promotional Items

Mail your subscribers your gear. These are usually pens, t-shirts, cups, or writing pads with your logo on them.


White Papers

A white paper is an authoritative and persuasive report.



Ship a free poster to your subscribers.



A timeline is a graph with a representation of events over a period of time.


Free Magazine Subscription

A free magazine subscription is an incredibly effective lead magnet.


Live Updates

Give your subscribers free, live updates from your website.



Breakdowns are usually about price breakdowns but can be an explanatory analysis of any topic.


Account Registration

We all know these! Offer an account to your subscribers.


Certification Program

Help your subscribers get certified in something you can teach.


Tear Sheet

A tear sheet is a page made to be able to tear from a magazine or newspaper, but you can also offer digital tear sheets.



A brochure is a small type of pamphlet with graphics and copy that describes a business, as well as their products or services.


Comparison Chart

A comparison chart compares two or more things. The example compares the prices of items from three different stores.


Rewards Program

Rewards programs are awesome for both subscribers and businesses. Regular customers can be rewarded with discounts, coupons, faster shipping, a free product after buying a specified amount, and more.

Once you have your irresistible lead magnet in place you need to create your welcome email, set up your email marketing campaign, and learn how to promote your lead magnet.

What is your favorite lead magnet?

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