Guest Post Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in guest blogging for Web Hosting Sun!
We receive many guest post inquiries, so we ask that you read these guidelines before contacting us.
If you send us some generic email inquiring about publishing your guest post, you most likely won’t get a response.
As mentioned on our “Write For Us” page, we currently DO NOT ACCEPT general guest posts that are trying to promote their products or services. This also applies to “please include our link in your post” requests. And while at it, please, definitively do not try to send us any ChatGPT AI generated posts or images!

The only exception can be considered for web hosting related providers. If approved a web host provider can become a WHS Contributor with a publisher account on our site.

Basic Rules for Web Hosting Sun Contributors:

We do not publish posts from firms, companies, “teams” or posts from marketing and SEO firms submitting articles on behalf of their clients. We only deal with “real” individuals. Guest contributions must be submitted by a “real person” and attributed to the individual who pitches the post. The author must provide his/her headshot, similar to this account .
One of our objectives is to give web hosting companies a space to present themselves as real web host experts and specialists. We ask not to submit guest contributions that have been previously published elsewhere.
All Contributors must post at least 1 article per 4 months, otherwise their contributor accounts will be closed, and their links/content modified and moved under our WHS Contributor account. Exceptions may be made at our discretion.

How to Become a Web Hosting Sun Contributor:

  • Please, introduce yourself. Before we proceed any further, share with us your social media accounts, blog or website. We do not work with anonymous requests.
  • Write a high-quality blog on website hosting for our readers. They are the most important part of this website, so make sure your blog is informative! Please, avoid any Chat GPT AI content!
  • Use facts and stats to back up what you write.
  • Make sure your post is conclusive and has a valuable, unique content that provides practical, thoughtful information.
  • Include at least two relevant images that can be published.
  • Ensure your post does not infringe on any copyright laws.
  • Posts with plagiarism will not be tolerated. Your post will not be considered and you won’t receive a response.
  • Many guest post requests are not answered due to low quality of content and their promotional character.


Main topics for Web Hosting Sun include web hosting industry news, services, servers, hardware, software, security, cloud storage, and web development.


Your post should be at least 900 words and no more than 2,500.


Please read our other blogs to get a sense of our style. Use headings, subheadings, lists (numbered or bulleted), and bolded words.
The same requirements apply as listed in our Writers Guidelines and Style sections on our Write For Us page.

Use Contact Us form or send an email to “contenteditor ‘at’ our domain” (this is to avoid email harvesting bots) with GUEST POST in the subject heading.

Include The Following in Your Email Message:

  • Briefly tell us who you are. Share links to your social media accounts and website.
  • An outline of your guest post.
  • Links to at least two other Web Hosting Sun blogs that will be included in your guest post.
  • Describe how our readers will benefit from your post.
  • A few links to your best posts.
  • An author bio.


  • Send images as an attachment (or links) and show in the post where they should be.
  • Proofread your post carefully before hitting send.
  • If approved you need to provide us with your headshot for your new contributor/author account.
  • Be prepared to respond to reader comments.


We own all rights to the published content.
At WHS sole discretion we may include our affiliate links where applicable.

You may not copy, distribute, or reuse it in any way upon delivery unless shared on social medias with a reference to our site.

All writing needs to be your 100% original work and free of any copyrighted or plagiarized materials (must pass at least 2 independent Copyscape and plagiarism checker services).

Cite the source if you are presenting a fact or a unique feature owned by someone else.

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