Cloudways Now Offers Managed Cloud Hosting for Containers

Cloudways, the premier managed cloud-hosting provider has collaborated with Kyup to provide scalable hosting options to their clients. The clients could now leverage the power of scalable hosting containers that scale the RAM and the processing power and provide a dedicated IP to sweeten the deal.

Auto-scalability is one of the most coveted hosting features that greatly ease the life of everyone connected to the hosting process. For clients, auto-scalability is a great feature that ensures that their web app or online store is able to handle periodic spikes in traffic without crashing. For hosting providers, auto-scalability means that the support teams do not have to scramble off to save a client’s store or app from crashing. They could take things easy as the automatic processes detect and adjust the resources allocated to that particular client.


A perfectly win-win solution for everyone! Cloudways and Kyup offer this capability through the concept of Containers.

Containers are Linux based virtual hosting machines that have been tested extensively by industry giants such as Google. However, it is important to distinguish between Containers and ordinary virtual hosting servers. With Containers, the hosting platform could dynamically rescale resources to handle temporary (or permanent) spikes in traffic or demands on resources.  Cloudways customers could now develop and deploy web apps without worrying about running out of resource.

Managed Cloud Container based hosting offers several benefits that distinguish it from conventional hosting. The most obvious benefit is the speed boost that the app receives. Since the Containers do not require extra resources, they are able to start up the app much earlier than other options. Similarly, this benefit is also visible in the lean running of the server that maintain and manage the loads dynamically.

Another important benefit is the boost in the performance of the server because of the overall structure of the Containers. The low-resources requirement means that the app or online store performs significantly well and for a much longer duration without going down because of hosting related issues.

Customers opt for Kyup Container hosting when they launch a new server. Once all the options have been filled in, all the user have to do is to click the Launch button and sit back. The server launches in a matter about minutes and is ready for use!

Once the server has been launched, the operational capabilities that distinguish Container based hosting from traditional hosting come into play. Every web app and online store experiences spikes in traffic that result in increased usage of processing capacity of the machine that host the app or store.

In the case of non-Container hosting, as the demands on RAM and processing capacity approach the designated limits, the app or the store slows down. The visitors start to notice the lag and loss in performance. As the demands increase further, the hosting breaks down! The result is loss of revenue that is often not discovered in time to remedy the situation!

In contrast, web apps and online stores that are hosted on Containers do not have these issues. as the demands on RAM and processing power increase, the monitoring systems detect  the spike(s) and initiate mitigating processes. The auto-scaling algorithms analyze the nature of the spike and increase the particular resource in near real time. The users never see a drop in the performance because the hosting platform takes care of the increased demands on the resources.

Container hosting is especially beneficial for online stores because of the unique business requirements of the stores. Many store owners make the mistake of using the average traffic statistics as the guideline for buying hosting packages. However, these numbers fail during holiday seasons when the stores see a huge spike in traffic of potential customers. The result is loss of trust of the customers that translates in very real and quantifiable loss in revenue. Container hosting is able to accommodate the spikes in the traffic with little or no noticeable difference in performance. This is a win-win situation for everyone.
Cloudways Cloud Platform with Managed Kyup Containers is the perfect combination for hassle-free hosting for all web apps and online stores. Cloudways comes with top rated features including SSH access, Git, free SSL, and 24x7x365 Expert Support.

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