HostingCon Mumbai, India 2016

HostingCon India 2016, the world’s premier conference and trade show on web hosting conducted in India, kicks off today, Nov 16th, at the Nesco Grounds, Goregaon, Mumbai. This is one of the leading conference trade shows of the world, and it aims to help businesses and market players dealing in the cloud, domains, and web hosting services share knowledge, network, and expand their businesses.

ResellerClub presents the HostingCon India for the third year now and has already established a strong presence in the industry for web hosting, domain services, and cloud infrastructure. This year, the two-day event has over 2,300 registered attendees, and there are 20 sessions and six workshops to orient you for your India presence.

Why India?

In 2015, the Indian internet user base grew over 35% to 400 million users. It is estimated that the Indian e-Commerce market will cross the $100 billion mark soon, and the cloud market will reach over $3 billion by 2017. Indian users cap 6 million domains today, and they are going to reach 10 million in the coming three years. India’s internet economy is expected to touch Rs 10 trillion (US$ 151.6 billion) by 2018.

Who Attends HostingCon India 2016?

Decision makers, businesses and enterprises, and various stakeholders offering solutions and consultancy in the cloud, domains, and hosting ecosystem primarily attend the conference. Apart from these, hardware and software service providers and a diverse range of vendors from all over the globe, as well as value added resellers attend the conference.

More specifically, attendees include domain registrars, technical support providers, cloud and backup solution providers, data center professionals, internet solution providers, internet security providers, SSL certificate providers, and anyone in the web hosting industry.

Past data shows 36% of the attendees were web hosting or web presence service providers while 21% were suppliers of hardware and software. Application service providers constituted 10% of the participants and data center, and co-location service providers grabbed 6% of the presence.

Benefits of the HostingCon India 2016

More than 2,300 attendees have registered their stalls at the Nesco grounds already, and more can still register in person. There are many benefits of joining the HostingCon.

One of the main reasons is that the returns on investment (ROI) of participants from attending these events have soared. The HostingCon India 2016 exhibition conference helps attendees and exhibitors by:

  • Bringing clients and customers face to face: Online businesses do not require partners and stakeholders to physically meet; however, knowing the face of your customers not only makes working with them so much easier, but it also builds trustworthiness, accountability, and motivation.
  • Promoting learning and knowledge sharing: Over 20 speakers share their knowledge over speaking sessions, and six workshop sessions provide practical hands-on training for professionals in the relevant fields. Knowledge, in the right direction, spells success. Being coached by Dakshesh Verma, Head, Marketing – ZNetLive, Aditya Chauhan, Chief Evangelist – NowFloats, or Prakhar Bindal, CEO – NameKart doesn’t happen every day.
  • Bringing together various groups and representatives: Industry leaders, CEOs, account directors, founders of companies, sales development managers, media professionals, and hosted services professionals from all over the globe, with an India focus, participate in the event creating an opportunity to interact with representatives from all over the tech-sphere. This directly leads to innovation and also throws in a networking opportunity like nothing else.
  • Offering the global web hosting, domain, and cloud market in a nutshell: India accounts for the fastest growing internet audience worldwide and has over 400 million internet users. Addressing the Indian market from a single stage automatically optimizes the marketing drive for any company or organization.
  • Displaying, exhibiting, and demonstrating your new product to the whole Indian market: Not only does this boost your confidence and sales, but you also receive valuable feedback that enables you to improve your business.
  • Enabling businesses to explore new products, new ideas, and exceptional educational programs: Nothing enriches the human minds more, thus directly influencing skills, aptitude, imagination, and ideation. In short, your company’s human resources just got a booster from the conference.

For anyone having anything to do with online businesses, domain, and hosting services or cloud infrastructure, HostingCon India 2016 is the place to be on November 16-17, 2016.

If you missed this one, don’t worry! We are on top of the web hosting news of the world. There is more than one conference a year, with the next one taking place in China. We’ll keep you in the loop.

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