What is R1Soft?

R1Soft is a data backup solution that is making waves across the IT and website hosting industries. R1Soft could be the solution to businesses with scarce server resources, as well as server technician problems.

What is R1Soft?

R1Soft Continuous Data Protection (CDP) is an almost uninterrupted backup facility for Windows and Linux servers. It’s designed to be the most efficient and effective on the market today.

It was designed by the R1Soft company based in Houston, Texas. R1Soft has been leading the way in the server backup industry for nearly a decade. R1Soft was acquired in by Continuum in 2014.

Companies currently using R1Soft for their backup services include Infolink, Ringaloo, iWeb, Redbee, and PhoenixNAP. All in all, around 1800 web hosting companies are using R1Soft as their backup solution, protecting more than 250,000 servers globally.

How Does R1Soft CDP Work?

There are two parts to the way R1Soft works: the CDP Agent and the CDP Server.

The difference between R1Soft and other backup solutions is in the installation process.

When you install R1Soft, it creates a backup of everything on your server. It replicates all of the data and structure to a disk-based archive. This backup is called the “initial replica”. Creating the initial backup could take quite some time, depending on the amount of data that it needs to replicate. Fortunately, once the initial backup (or replica) is complete, everything becomes quicker and easier. R1Soft monitors all activity on your server and tracks any changes. The next time you run a backup, it only backs up the changes you’ve made since the previous run, not everything else.

This means you can back up your system as frequently as every 15 minutes without disrupting the system.

R1Soft is controlled via a web-based interface. There is also a plugin that can be installed into cPanel accounts, so you can manage your own backup schedule. Levels of access can be set between groups of administrators, so no one has the power to change anything. Privileges can be assigned matching your level of knowledge and experience. The web app also means you can perform backups remotely. You could be sitting in London, carrying out a backup of your server in San Francisco.

If you need to revert back to a previous backup, this can be managed through the web app. It’s simple to use and keeps downtime and loss of data to a minimum. You can restore individual files, directories, or file systems if necessary. Of course, you can also carry out a total restoration.

R1Soft also features site-to-site replication, so you can back up servers regardless of their geographical position. This is essential for companies that use more than one server in different locations.

R1Soft Benefits

Using conventional methods, backups have been time-consuming and a drain on server resources. Making a backup of your whole system takes time and slows down your system. Because of this, companies would reduce the number of backups that would take place.

Fewer backups leave you vulnerable to losing data. If you need to revert to a previous backup, you would lose everything you had created in the time between backups. You could lose vital business information, graphics, copy, code, etc.

The number one benefit of R1Soft is the ability to backup your server as often as every 15 minutes without it being a massive drain on your server’s resources. If you needed to use your last backup, you’d only lose anything created in the last 15 minutes, tops.

Your system’s resources can be put to use in ways that will better serve your customers instead.

It also reduces the space needed in the archive to store all of your backed up data. It’s simply more efficient and more effective. The R1Soft software is extremely light, requiring 1GB of memory to run. For every 1TB of data you add to the servers, your company needs to add 2GB of memory. This means R1Soft is scalable, growing as your business grows.

R1Soft works on Windows and Linux servers, physical and virtual. Stored data is encrypted with AES-256 Disk Encryption, adding an extra level of security to your data. Tech support for R1Soft is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with live chat during normal office hours. When disaster strikes, you know you’re covered with R1Soft.

Prices are set on a monthly subscription basis. However, you can try R1Soft on a free trial basis. For more information visit the R1Soft site.

What do You Think?

R1Soft has hit the market with an interesting concept that could set new standards in the server backup arena. What do you think of R1Soft? Have you used it? Please let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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