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Many of you are curious to learn more about our Web Hosting Sun (WHS) website.
A large number of our readers would like to take a look “under the hood” of our WHS site to see what makes it tick.

We get a lot of questions like: How to build a website similar to yours? How much does it cost? Can I do it myself? What do I need? What web hosting do you recommend, or could you please share the one you are currently using? I really want to have a site like yours! Where do I start?”

Well, there is no “easy” answer. But with hard work, dedication and perseverance anything can be achieved!
We believe in transparency, spreading the knowledge and in helping where help is needed. We believe that all good that goes out eventually comes back in!
This WHS Hosting and Resources page has been published for all who seek guidance and more conclusive information. The presented services, design, plugins and elements are truly the ones we use on this website.

*Disclosure: On this page we use affiliate links, meaning that we may receive commissions when our users make a purchase via those links.

What’s Under the Hood of Our WHS Site?

Web Hosting

SiteGround Hosting

First of all it’s our hosting provider SiteGround (SG). The backbone and life blood of our entire portal. The webhost is exceptionally reliable, SG’s support very responsive, knowledgeable & their hosting plans scalable to meet anyone’s needs. What’s so special about SG? Frankly, almost everything! Their speed, free SupeCacher, CloudFlare CDN, no low CPU or Memory limits, Premium Support at no additional cost + much much more. We love SG:)


WHS Uses WordPress CMS

Our entire WHS runs on the WordPress (WP) content management system (CMS), a popular web framework that is used by millions websites. The best thing – it’s free! To us the WP was an obvious choice. By many it is considered to be the most user-friendly, SEO compatible and the most supported CMS on the market. Why re-invent the wheel?

Domain Name & SSL Certificate

Namecheap Domain & SSL registration

Are you searching for the “best domain registrar“?
Once you start looking into all details and reading various reviews you’ll get so confused that you’ll end up nit-picking on irrelevant details. If you seek some guidance, just look where we registered our WHS domain and SSL certificate. They are are both housed by Namecheap!
ICANN accredited, well respected registrar, with a proven track record of great services and customer satisfaction. Superb pricing, user friendly, offering many great deals and services, for instance their “Free Privacy Protection for Life“!
Even though you might find a cheaper registrar (by a few cents), think twice if it’s worth the risk. Want to deal with non-existing customer support, outdated control panel? Many of those cheap “unknown” or “starting” domain sites tend to disappear pretty quickly. Along with your domain. Be smart, don’t let that happen.

Email Autoresponder

For WHS newsletters and email marketing campaigns we use our beloved email marketing platform Getresponse (GR).
We have been long term GR users and are genuinely satisfied with the email deliverability, pricing, provided options and their attention to clients’ needs. We can attest that GR’s services and features are very solid, highly customizable and flexible, with strong API support and widespread internet recognition. Easy to be used by beginners, yet powerful enough to fulfill dreams of any email marketing professionals.
Keep in mind, that sooner or later you’ll be needing a stable email autoresponder. We recommend to start using one from the very beginning! Your website doesn’t have to be fully “ready”, your email strategy does. If you are serious about your business, grow your list of email subscribers from the day 1!


Rehub Theme

A good premium WP theme is a must if you are serious about your website. Be smart about choosing your website template. Avoid poorly coded themes with short-lived or no support at all. We like our REHub theme, it’s highly customizable and suits any type of a website – blogs, magazines, affiliate sites, e-shops, companies, directories, etc. The theme is 100% compatible with WooCommerce, Amazon, CB, Adsense, CJ or any other revenue channels. Check it out!

SEO Plugin

All in One SEO Pack

Every site needs a strong SEO support, no questions about that. After long analysis we decided to go with All In One SEO Pack (AIOSEOP) premium plugin and we haven’t looked back since! There are many reasons why we prefer this specific SEO plugin. It’s simple and yet very powerful. We spent some time testing it along with 2 other (well-known) SEO plugins. The SEO impact and search results were more favorable when using AIOSEO. You will learn more about all plugin features & benefits in our upcoming review!

Foobox Image Gallery

To have a better control of our images and to be able to create slick image galleries we use the FooBox Image Gallery plugin. It is very versatile and easy to work with. The plugin does exactly what we need. Considering the features it provides at a very affordable price, getting this plugin was a no-brainer! The FooBox generated galleries have responsive layouts suitable for viewing on any device. We definitely love the this social sharing responsive lightbox plugin!

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