Write For Us

Yes, we are always looking for quality content writers and contributors.
We seek writers who are creative and resourceful. Who are able to find gold nuggets of information that is useful and valuable to our readers.
Are you a writer that can produce a high quality posts with catchy visuals? Can you deliver a non ChatGPT AI generated content? Well-researched, information-rich, and easy-to-understand articles written in a conversational reader-friendly tone? Are the topics like data centers, web hosting, web security, servers, cloud, e-commerce, blogging, SEO or modern technologies areas of your interest?
Then, by all means, do not hesitate to contact us!
Please, keep in mind – all the deliverables must be unique! No exceptions.

Note: In general we do not publish guest posts. Only the relevant inquiries will be answered. For more information refer to our Guest Post Guidelines page.


– You are a Native English speaker
– Excellent writing, grammar, spelling and formatting
– Active social media accounts, for example: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook
– Background in web server administration, hosting, networking or web development preferred
– Ability to write in an engaging, friendly tone; please no ChatGPT AI!
– Strong communication skills
– Knowledgeable, resourceful, diligent and savvy at online research
– Able to meet your deadlines


  1. All writing needs to be your 100% original work and free of any copyrighted or plagiarized materials (must pass at least 2 independent copyscape and plagiarism checker services).
  2. We only accept writers that have established their social media presence and who, ideally, have their own blog (or website).
  3. In your WHS Author account you need to present your short 2-4 sentence bio. Along with your public photo or link to your Gravatar account. You will get one nofollow link to you website + follow links to your social media accounts.
  4. Minimum 1 post per month. If you only plan to contribute once a month then your post has to be a quality one containing at least 1,200 words.
  5. We will own all rights to the delivered work. You may not copy, distribute or re-use it in any way upon delivery.
  6. No upfront payments. Special terms only apply to our long-term verified authors.

Writers’ Guidelines

We strive to deliver a quality and engaging content. And we need to do so in all our WHS categories.
Therefore we look for authors that can contribute with:
– News in the hosting industry
– Hosting services or hardware reviews
– In-depth guides
– How-to tutorials
– Website development, marketing services and product case studies

Writing Style:

  • Write for our readers. They look for valuable information, answers to their questions. Make sure you deliver those through your articles.
  • We prefer user friendly posts, rich in infographics, containing around 800-1500 words.
  • Articles have to be SEO optimized with relevant keywords in the titles and the content.
  • Cite the source if you are presenting a fact or a unique feature.
  • Posts should contain a minimum of 1 outgoing links that contribute to the topic (linked through a word in an article).
  • We require one featured image and one small image or one featured image and one video. Screenshots or infographics are highly welcome. We are willing to pay more if there are high-quality, relevant infographics, images, and screenshots.
  • When searching for free images, check out PixabayFlickr, Morguefile and Google Images (under Google image search click on “search tools” then “usage rights” and “labeled for reuse”).
  • Sometimes you won’t find a fitting image that is free. If free ones are not available, we need to buy images from stock sites. Search these paid stock sites: Photodune, Fotolia, or Dreamstime. Writers can buy images, and we will reimburse them along with the blog payment. Alternatively, writers can send us the link to their chosen images, and we can buy them ourselves. Please note, that the second option usually delays the publishing of the article.
  • We reserve the right to make edits if we feel they are necessary and to add our preferred links or sponsor ads (if applicable).


The price per post varies.
It increases with a high-quality graphic-rich SEO targeted content.
We also pay additional bonuses for our top authors.
The more visitors the published posts receive the more rewards we send to our contributors.

How To Apply?

Please, feel free to apply through our Contact Us form or “office ‘at’ our domain” email address (sorry, avoiding email harvesters) along with this information:
*Subject field: “WHS Long Term Author Request
– Your brief introduction together with links to your social media accounts, blog or website
– 3 samples of your writing (3 links to your articles)
– Your suggested subjects you want to write about (or blog series around specific topics)
– Your commitment for regular posting (how many articles per month) and your price

If you still have any questions, please don’t hesitate to connect with us.
Thank you.

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