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WHS Review Terms

The reviews of the web hosting services presented here at (WHS) are the key elements to fulfilling the WHS site’s objectives. Therefore we genuinely care about all the web host reviews published on our site. We take them seriously and strive to make them as professional and as close to our visitors as possible. Our users and contributors’ comments are very helpful and essential to our web host assessments. Therefore we encourage all of our visitors to share their experience and observations.

No Endorsement or Incentives

WHS is not being endorsed by any web hosting companies nor we, in particular, favor any specific providers. All the listed web hosts were properly/manually tested by our WHS team. Meaning, we purchased the hosting packages for all reviewed web hosts to get a real-life experience we could share with our readers.
In addition the quality customers’ reviews and contributions (submitted by our users and readers) play the crucial role in meeting and satisfying our visitors’ expectations.
Our overall WHS web host rankings are calculated by averaging and blending both editorial and customers’ ratings.

The Key Review Terms:

1. Only one unique visitor review rating per web host allowed.
2. The overall review score is an average of all readers’ ratings and our editor’s evaluation.
3. The review provided should have at least 80 characters.
4. You should have real experience (current or past) with the rated providers.
5. No link posting allowed within the published review. However you can state your site within the subject or content. In occasional cases the link can be permitted if approved by our WHS editors. Especially when hosted with the related reviewed provider.
6. If you leave a negative review, please state your reasons so providers could react to the issues. They need to have a fair chance to respond.
7. No excessive, vulgar, insulting or other inappropriate language allowed. We reserve the right not to publish the reviews that do not meet our editorial standards.
8. We understand that your experience with web host providers may change. If you wish to update or change your review, please feel free to reach out to us and we will modify your review as required.

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