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Back up Your WordPress Website

Prevent your hard work from disappearing into the virtual ether by performing WordPress backups on a regular basis. There are a few different ways to backup your WordPress website files depending on how your site is written and what its focus is (commerce vs. blogging, for instance). What Does ...

How to Find Cheap Web Hosting

Defining cheap web hosting as $1.99 a month is a simple standard, but it’s an incomplete and potentially disastrous definition. Just like any service agreement, the details are what ultimately determines if the fee is going to turn out to be expensive.Allison Chaney, Founder and Digital Marketing ...

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What Is WordPress Hosting?

With WordPress, anyone can have their own blog, create a corporate or e-commerce website, and update its content easily. Nonetheless, you will need a hosting provider for your WordPress site to be accessible. There are two WordPress versions – wordpress.com and wordpress.org. With wordpress.com ...

How to Remove WordPress Viruses

JavaScript Injection Viruses A few months ago I noticed that a lot of my WordPress websites were "flaking out". When I would go to the public interface or the admin interface, I couldn't reach it; or there was a bizarre message stating something like:"Cannot modify header information - ...

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10 Tips on Protecting Your WordPress Website

An independent research held in 2014 showed that more than 73% of WordPress websites contained critical exploitable vulnerabilities such as remote code execution.Of course, the team at WordPress also does as much as they can to create updates that harden security and fortify your Wordpress ...

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