Web Server Hardware Comparison and Review

What is a server? Let’s start with a basic definition of a web server: “A server is a computer on a network that manages network resources. The term “web server” refers to either the hardware (the actual computer) or the software (the computer application) that helps to deliver content that can be accessed through the Internet”. [1]

Your web server hardware is the engine that allows your computer system access to the internet; specifically providing your computer with the ability to process commands using HTTP, the language of the internet. Ideally, the hardware you purchase will support a quick and uninterrupted connection, provide you with satisfactory speeds and easy access to the web.

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Lenovo ThinkServer TS140 70A4 Server

  • Processor-Intel CPU
  • Quantity of Core(s)-Dual (2)-Core
  • Processor Speed-3.4 GHz
(The above image provided by courtesy of Lenovo.com)

Just a few years old, The Lenovo ThinkServer TS140 is a sound investment for a small business/company hoping to make the switch to web server hardware that is basic, but reliable. The Lenovo ThinkServer TS140 covers your need to quickly and seamlessly access the internet using a desktop or laptop and priced at just over $600, the relatively noise-free performance of this web server is impressive. According to reviews, this server’s delivery is top rated among the more expensive competition.

HP ProLiant ML310e Gen8 v2 Server

  • Processor-Intel CPU
  • Quantity of Core(s)-Quad (4)-Core
  • Processor Speed-3.1GHz
(The above image provided by courtesy of HP.com)

If you are a mid-sized company that is looking for new or improved web server hardware for one of your remote office locations, the HP ProLiant ML310e Gen8 v2 server is a solid choice. Powerful, cost-efficient, and highly capable of providing virtually flawless network connectivity because of its compatibility with other HP web servers, this hardware is ranked top in its class. In fact, most experts rate this server’s capabilities as the best compared to similar models from other companies.

Dell PowerEdge T630 Server

  • Processor-Intel CPU
  • Quantity of Core(s)-Hexa(5)-Core
  • Processor Speed-2.4 GHz

(The above image provided by courtesy of Dell.com)

Roughly two years old, the Dell PowerEdge T630 server is able to handle a variety of workloads, tasks and offers superior storage capability. Created for use by larger businesses, the Dell PowerEdge performs functions quickly and easily, and as a result is widely used in the business world. Priced at slightly less than $2,000, this server would be a wise choice for a company desiring a long-lasting and well-built piece of hardware.

Supermicro SuperServer SYS 5018A

  • Processor-Intel CPU
  • Quantity of Core(s)- 8 Core
  • Processor Speed-2.0 GHz

(The above image provided by courtesy of supermicro.com)

Among the rack mountable web servers, the Supermicro SuperServer is one of the best. The server is slim, durable, and quiet: meaning it is a good choice for simpler tasks. It does provide a generous amount of storage and is one of the best small web servers available on the market.

Intel Server System SR1600URR Server

  • Processor- N/A – however, adding a CPU is possible after purchase

(The above image provided by courtesy of Intel.com)

This is the least expensive of the web server hardware listed, starting at around $200. Of course, it is only a server chassis, but it will allow you to customize server specs to fit all your needs. The Intel Server System SR1600URR Server is a sensible starter choice for small business owners that would like to get more familiarized with using and operating a web server hardware. Once equipped, it will bring the ability to complete straightforward tasks like web, files or vpn hosting. This web server will be easy to store and it will no doubt become your host base piece, an excellent cost-saving solution with flexible options.

Whichever web server you decide to buy, proper installation and configuration will enhance the device’s productivity and capabilities. You may need to seek additional guidance to ensure that your hardware is the precise match for the software required for the entire system to function. Toward this point, a professional will be able to help you maintain your machinery and address quirks and kinks that need to be fixed on occasion. My suggestion for buying the above-mentioned items would be to shop online so you may receive the best prices for what you need.

Happy shopping and good luck with your web server purchasing endeavors!

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  1. Dell PowerEdge T630 Server really fastest and efficient server from my side. whereas, Supermicro SuperServer 5015A is also have some best features, small size and specification complete all the requirements of a small business.

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